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web is what we do


We do it all for the web. Here are our more common services.

Web Design

Our Designers on call come up with some beautiful designs, that will attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back.

Responsive Design

Almost not a service anymore but a standard. We make sure all of our products come up looking great on all your devices.

Web Programming

From static websites to full stacked web apps. We are highly knowledgeable using most of the standard web programming languages. We mostly use PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS


A behind the scenes look.

  • 2010-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    After leaving a partnership. I decided to venture out on my own to create my first solo business. JTD Solutions. Code Comment's INC prior business name. As we were growing, we need to switch names in order to Incorporate.

  • September 2015

    An Agency is Born

    Code Comment incorporates and transforms from the once JTD Solutions into a stronger and larger web agency.

  • March 2017

    Phase Two Expansion

    The team is in place and we are rocking n rolling. Never been busier or better at what we do. We are proud of where we have came from and are looking forward to where we are going next!

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